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Mustard yellow geometric plant pot - SECOND

Mustard yellow geometric plant pot - SECOND

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This hexagonal planter has been hand made and hand finished in a rich mustard yellow. It is satisfyingly heavy, and the surfaces are incredibly tactile and feel like marble. 

This planter is being sold as a SECOND due to the excessive air holes and white patch on one of the angled sides - as seen in photos. This will not be seen if placed against a wall! 

This medium pot is 9.7cm tall and 12cm wide approx; designed to hold up to a 8.5cm plant in its plastic pot. The inside space measures 8.8cm wide and 7.8cm deep.

Processing time
Ready to dispatch within 2 working days.

The surfaces have been sealed to be water resistant, but excess water should be tipped away after watering your plant. If needed, the pot can be wiped with a soft damp cloth to clean.

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