So, let’s get started with a little bit about the brand...
stone+rope was created in 2017 by one plant obsessed lady, who was desperate for new ways to display her growing plant collection. But with a design degree under her belt and having spent over a decade developing the style and branding of a well-known interiors company, it was never going to end there! 

The ‘stone’ at the time was concrete, and geometric concrete planters became a cornerstone of the products retailed online and at makers markets. As materials have evolved and our awareness of environmental pressures have grown, it felt right to replace the concrete with an eco-resin, one that still elicits a stone-like quality and gives even more flex for product development. Whilst the core of stone+rope is still plant based, the adaptability of the new materials encouraged exploration into other areas; including a collection of homeware featuring terrazzo coasters, marbled trays and trinket dishes, through to earrings that are so lightweight they are a joy to wear. 

All products are designed and made in-house right down to the moulds used for casting; for example the planters have been created to be exactly the right size to hold the plastic pots that plants are sold in, allowing easy watering and drainage afterwards. The geometric design allows you to group them together to create a focal point effortlessly. 

The collection of ‘rope’ macrame has grown over the years, and includes decorative pieces such as earrings and wall hangings through to the more familiar plant hangers. A strong colour story was key in giving these pieces a modern lift - a far cry from the vintage jute pieces popular in the 70’s. Clean lines and a sense of modern design are a focus for this range, which can be seen in each handmade piece. 

Developing new products and colour palettes is a process always happening in the background. Keep up to date with new launches and sneak peeks by following us on Instagram @stoneandrope. 


We all know there is far too much single use plastic in the world, and bubble wrap and plastic tape only contributes to that problem. By using recyclable paper padding and brown paper tape wherever possible, we’re doing our bit to keep things green. 

Processing times 
Each piece is hand made and hand finished, with most items being made to order. Having a varied product collection means the time it takes to make and send each piece will be different; an estimate of processing times can be found on every product page. Need something in a hurry? You’ll find items that are ready made in the ‘ready to ship’ categories. Alternatively just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. 

Have a question?
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