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Large drippy plant pot in marbled mustard + pink

Large drippy plant pot in marbled mustard + pink

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Unique dripping marbled patterns adorn the sides of these hexagonal plant pots, in tones of mustard yellow, pink + white. The main colour of the pot is a neutral off white, and it features a plinth base in mustard yellow. Each pot will be hand poured to order, meaning each piece will have unique drip patterns making it one of a kind; the images shown are an example of the pot you will receive. A satisfyingly heavy yet tactile pot.

This pot is 14.7cm tall and 14cm wide; designed to hold a 10cm plant in its plastic pot. The inside space measures 10.2cm wide and 10cm deep.

Processing time
Reasy to dispatch within 3 working days.

The surfaces have been sealed to be water resistant, but excess water should be tipped away after watering your plant. If needed, the pot can be wiped with a soft damp cloth to clean. 

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